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21 Jul 2017
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Cinder Screen Protector, AutoHeal and More to Protect Your Phone in Style


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Posted By Doris D.

Your smartphone is literally your second heart today. But just working on it won't make it last long. You need to care about its' protection too! And that's why you need screen protectors. Here are some examples like Cinder Screen Protector, AutoHeal and more you can consider using soon.

ITG Edge: Glass x Silicone Protector for iPhone 6
"Revolution of Glass Screen Protector for Curved Edge Mobile Screen" The only tempered glass screen protector that covers edge to edge of iPhone 6, while keeping the same curvature of the original iPhone 6 screen. Our patent-pending liquid silicon surrounding technology completely covers the phone's entire screen, protected by the original ITG(Impossible Tempered Glass) from shocks and scratches.

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector
Protect your brand new iPhone 6 Plus from facing any screen damage by enveloping it with this highly efficient iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector. It's explosion-proof, shock-proof, pressure-resistant and comes with anti-scratch functions that can safeguard your iPhone 6 Plus screen from any outside damage. Since it's made of nano chemical materials, the comfortability one feels when using the screen still remains the same. The anti-oil processing will prevent the phone from taking up fingerprints on the screen thus making it look hazy over time.

CINDER: The Holy Grail of iPhone 6/6s Glass Protection
Best protection, no compromises, real curved edges and seamless fitting.* CINDER screen protector improves the iPhone 6 and stays invisible. Ultimate Resistance. Super Smooth Touch Feel. The World's most advanced glass screen protector for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. CINDER comes in black and white. *No existing tempered glass screen protector matches this design.* They are all flat from edge to edge and leaves you with gaps and hard edges! CINDER matches the design of the iPhone 6 Glass like no other Screen Protector without compromising its design and functionality in any way.

AutoHeal - The Most Advanced Screen Protector
Introducing AutoHeal, the most advanced screen protector that automatically fixes your phone's damaged screen. Available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, this product from Just Mobile uses revolutionary technology to make scratches disappear before your eyes in just 20 seconds. Using six microscopic layers of smart materials including silicone and polyester, AutoHeal is still thin enough to be used with most iPhone cases. Offering edge to edge full coverage also has impact absorption to further prevent cracks and chips.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector with Perfect Alignment, Bubble Free Applicator Tool. Wireless Squareâ„¢ aims to provide new and innovative accessories for cellular phones and Tablets. Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector with super easy, Bubble free, Perfect alignment applicator. Ultra Clear / Rounded Edges / Slim-Fit Only .20mm* / Oleophobic Anti-Smudge / High Touch Sensitivity / 9H Hardness surface. We have completed most of the hard work and currently in the final stage to launch the product. With your support we are able to speed up the development process.
Buy cinder screen protector.

Comments (7)

By Michelle S. on JUL 25 2017 @ 11:09AM

How does the touch screen on the phone work when you have a film of plastic right on top of it, that's just amazing to me.

By Nina B. on JUL 24 2017 @ 1:12PM

Here's a good tip, if you get some dust under the screen, lift it up with a piece of tape, then you can also remove the dust with a piece of tape to get it out.

By Lillian M. on JUL 24 2017 @ 9:22AM

There are quite a wide variety of screen protectors out there now. Doing your homework on them is worthwhile to find one you like.

By Erika G. on JUL 23 2017 @ 3:12PM

Mine is way to soft and gummy, really annoying when I'm trying to swipe around quickly.

By Rosemarie G. on JUL 23 2017 @ 10:16AM

is there any good way of getting these on straight? I can never seem to do it right.

By Cleo P. on JUL 22 2017 @ 8:05PM

Silicone is my favorite material for screen protectors.

By Melvin M. on JUL 22 2017 @ 1:18PM

So, I just ordered an received a new screen protector that said it was made of tempered glass. I think I know why now, becasue I dropped the phone just a little bit, and the screen protector is cracked now.

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